Set in a post-WWII, dystopian society the play tells the story of Charlotte Foster, a journalist, who discovers the blinded Phythian Vanga, who has the ability to see the future. Charlotte seeks to uncover Phythian’s story and re-align her own convictions, all the while avoiding the threats inherent in an authoritarian state.

No internet, no cameras and yet every move is pre-empted; no quarter for hatred, violence or crime yet fear is master and no one trusts their neighbour. A journalist meets a blind man. Both are cogs in the machine of a state whose good intentions have gone sour. His story has waited 30 years to be told: blinded by the state to survey the future, the man that sees nothing is the man that sees all.

Foresight is a thriller. Theatrical, literary and filmic, it deals in the present, past and future to investigate freedom, fear and accountability.