Welcome to the “Showreel from Scratch” arm of Synchron Productions. As actors ourselves, we understand the importance of a showreel; a great showreel will not only show off your acting skills but also your potential casting. One way of achieving this is to build up your body of work; however, often you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, struggling to get work without a showreel to start off with. And sadly, often the early work you’ll get won’t be of the calibre you’re hoping: you’re not the focus, you weren’t given any direction, they were more interested in the wacky camera work than a compelling performance … That’s where a “Showreel from Scratch” comes in!

Our USP(s)

  • Bespoke scenes at no extra charge: written to suit you and your casting
  • Each scene is approached differently, the aim is to make it look like a real project you were involved in, rather than a sterile showreel
  • You will be directed! We want to support you to do work you will be proud of
  • Multiple perspectives on the industry: as actors, director, and agent, not just as filmmakers
  • You receive the full edits of each scene for your future use, as well as a 2-3min showreel in the case of the Three Scene package

This is an industry where costs can soon mount up, even before you’ve had your first audition, so we aim to provide a high quality service at an affordable price.

Please browse to see details of the PACKAGES we offer, examples of OUR WORK and our FAQ.